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Can you translate a PDF document?2021-11-09T11:57:53-05:00

It depends on the complexity of the layout. When we translate a PDF using our translation memory, the document is converted into an editable format such as Microsoft Word. Sometimes, the layout of the original PDF is so complex that it is not well converted. In that case, there are other options. We can deliver the translation in a bilingual table or in a separate Word document as you wish. You will then have to recreate the layout of the French translation.

Why is translation charged on a word basis?2021-11-10T08:57:30-05:00

It’s simply a standard in our field. The benefit is you can know the exact cost of a translation when you receive your quote and won’t get any surprises at the end. For more information, please read our article How much does a translation cost?

Will I get a reduced price if there is repeated content among the texts I send you?2021-11-10T08:56:04-05:00

We build a translation memory for each of our clients. This memory includes all the texts we translated for you. If you send us new documents that match fully or partly some of your previous texts, these words will count as “repetitions” and be charged at a lower price. For more information about pricing, please read our article How much does a translation cost?

Do you translate from French to English?2021-11-10T08:55:13-05:00

No. Translators always provide better texts when they translate into their mother tongue. For that reason, we chose to aim our services towards quality and work only on projects in the English-French combination.

I need a translation with an official seal. Do you offer this service?2021-11-10T08:54:39-05:00

Of course. This is what we call a “certified translation”. Only certified translators can provide this service. For more information, please read our article about certified translation.

How’s a certified translator different from any translator?2021-11-10T08:56:50-05:00

In Quebec, only people approved by the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés (OTTIAQ) can call themselves certified translators. This title is a sort of quality assurance since OTTIAQ’s members must have graduated from a university or have extensive experience to be admitted. Certified translators must respect strict requirements regarding maintenance of records and confidentiality. Finally, if you are unsatisfied of their work, you can file a complaint to the OTTIAQ. For more information, please read our article Why choose a certified translator?

Will I see your modifications to my document?2021-11-09T11:33:25-05:00

Yes, absolutely. In a Word document, we edit using the Tracking of modifications feature, which allows you to see our additions and suppressions in a different color. You can then accept or reject each of them.

What do you edit when you correct or proofread a text?2021-11-09T11:31:06-05:00

First, we correct all elements that deviate from the norm in terms of spelling, grammar, syntax, typography and style. The depth of our intervention depends on what you need. Some people just want a “correction of mistakes” and others want us to improve the text as much as we see fit. You decide to what extent you want your text to be edited.

Do you offer social media management services?2021-11-09T11:24:01-05:00

While we can write posts on your behalf for your  social media accounts, we do not publish them. We leave this tasks to professional socia media managers, who master a set of specific factors (reach, frequency, advertisement) that we do not take care of.

What payment methods do you accept?2021-11-09T11:20:46-05:00

The preferred payment methods are wire tranfer and Interac e-transfer. However, we also accept cheques and credit cards (via PayPal).

How are my documents kept confidential?2021-11-09T11:18:42-05:00

From a technical perspective, your documents are stored on a protected OneDrive server. From a human perspective, all our collaborators signed a confidentiality agreement that prevents them from disclosing your information and requires them to take reasonable actions to keep your documents confidential. Furthermore, as certified translators, we must adhere to the confidentiality requirements of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec.

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