The Chance to Make a Great Impression


A Clever Editing

What you write is a reflection of what you are. You can fail to deliver a message to your target audience because of mistakes or clumsy wording. But rest assured: we are experts in reviewing French texts. We edit websites, blog articles, newsletters, press releases and reports, among others.

During proofreading, much more than French spelling and grammar is reviewed. We also carefully go through style, punctuation and typography, for example. No modification is made without justification. French might no be your strength, but it is definitely ours!

Bank of 5 Hours

Small businesses, you need French proofreading services only once in a while? With the purchase of a bank of 5 hours, you have access to a fast reviewing service for your small texts right when you need it. For each project, time is deducted in 5-minute increments until the bank is empty.

Therefore, you bypass the minimal fee of one hour and spend less time processing invoices. An easy and sensible solution for small or medium enterprises!


Your English documents will be translated in perfectly flowing French with the highest industry standards.           


Your texts deserve to shine in every language. In depth proof-reading and revision show that you really care about your clientele.


Are you targeting the North American French market? La Langagière creates texts that resonate with the French Canadian local culture.