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We provide English to French translation. The use of our computer-assisted translation tool results in potentially significant savings on repeated words and sentences for our clients. We also deal with your various file formats such as Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and websites.

Fields of expertise:
Administration – Culture – Contracts – Environment – Food service industry – Health – Human resources – Marketing – Performing arts – Pharmaceutics – Physical activity – Real estate – Web

From the moment we receive your files to the final delivery, your project goes through a rigorous process. Your texts are first analyzed, then translated. After, the translation is carefully reviewed for quality assurance; in most cases, this step is done by a second translator. Finally, when you receive your translation, you are invited to give us your feedback so we can save your preferences in our translation memory for future projects.

A simple, customized and professional approach.

Certified Translation

As certified translators, we can provide certified translations that meet the requirements of the authorities that need them. These translations include an official seal, a certification of conformity and the signature of the certified translator in charge of the project.

Official documents that may require a certified translation include:

  • • Birth or death certificate
  • • High school, college or university diploma
  • • Transcript
  • • Criminal record
  • • Any document issued by an authority

« I used Dominique’s services to translate documents designed for the Web from English to French. She has done a masterful job. Her expertise in translation is undeniable! Anyone who wishes to have his or her texts translated or edited to ensure a good use of French should do business with La Langagière, that’s for sure! »

Janice Dugas, Majalis Web Media Services


Words are creatures to be handled with finesse. Ask a professional to take care of what you have to say.


Your English documents will be translated in perfectly flowing French with the highest industry standards.           


Your texts deserve to shine in every language. In depth proof-reading and revision show that you really care about your clientele.


Are you targeting the North American French market? La Langagière creates texts that resonate with the French Canadian local culture.